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For 29 years, Off the Record always on the mark- Yakima Herald

Record stores have come and gone in Yakima over the past three decades, but Off the Record was always there.

It is Yakima’s last record store. But barring the emergence of a buyer, it will close its doors sometime in the next few months, owner Rich Koch said.

“It just seems like it’s time,” said Koch, who turned 70 in May. “If I was younger, I’d keep doing it. That big seven-oh kind of stares at you. You start looking at things differently.”

He’s open to selling, but given the ongoing decline of the retail music industry, he’s not optimistic. This looks like the end of the run for the store at 901 Summitview Ave., which opened July 1, 1985.

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Music Releases 01-27-15

Gov't Mule - Sco-Mule Gov't Mule - Sco-Mule
New CD: $15.98   $13.98
Gov’t Mule's Sco-Mule, spotlights two 1999 shows that the original trio of Warren Haynes, Allen Woody and Matt Abts played with jazz guitarist John Scofield. The Atlanta performances, which also featured keyboardist Dr. Dan Matrazzo, have been widely traded, discussed and revered by Mule fans for 15 years.
Papa Roach - F.E.A.R. Papa Roach - F.E.A.R.
New CD: $15.98   $13.98
This eighth album from the nu-metal survivors is their follow-up to 2012's The Connection. Expanding upon the electronic edge first introduced on that album, this release sees Papa Roach turning in another fan-pleasing slab of melodic, industrial-tinged pop-metal. The singles "Warriors" and "Face Everything and Rise" are included.
The Lone Bellow - Then Came The Morning The Lone Bellow - Then Came The Morning
New CD: $12.98   $11.98
Then Came The Morning, the second album by Southern-born, Brooklyn-based indie-folk trio The Lone Bellow, opens with a crest of churchly piano, a patter of drums, and a fanfare of voices harmonizing like a sunrise. It’s a powerful introduction, enormous and overwhelming as Zach Williams, Brian Elmquist and Kanene Pipkin testify mightily to life’s great struggles and joys, heralding the morning that dispels the dark night: “Then came the morning! It was bright, like the light that you kept from your smile!” Working with producer Aaron Dessner of The National, the Lone Bellow created a sound that mixes folk sincerity, gospel fervor, even heavy metal thunder, but the heard of the band is harmony: three voices united in a Lone Bellow.
Punch Brothers - The Phosphorescent Blues Punch Brothers - The Phosphorescent Blues
New CD: $16.98   $13.98
After working with Burnett numerous times—most recently on the soundtrack for the Joel and Ethan Coen film Inside Llewyn Davis and the related Town Hall/Showtime concert Another Day, Another Time—Punch Brothers decided to join forces with the multiple Grammy Award–winning producer for their new record. Last summer, the band and Burnett spent a month at Hollywood’s Ocean Way Recording laying down the songs that guitarist Chris Eldridge, bassist Paul Kowert, banjo player Noam Pikelny, mandolinist and lead singer Chris Thile, and fiddler Gabe Witcher had written during several writing “retreats” last winter and spring.
Danny Kroha - Angels Watching Over Me Danny Kroha - Angels Watching Over Me
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
As a mainstay on the Detroit music scene and founding member of the Gories, Danny Kroha has consistently pushed himself to reinvention. With his first full-length release under his own name, it may come as an unexpected turn that he’s dealing in classic gospel and folk songs. Playing every instrument himself, the end result is a collection of compelling, timeless traditional songs. With this album, Kroha firmly establishes himself as one of the pre-eminent practitioners of a genre in desperate need of someone with his creativity and vision in moving forward the classic American art form.
Venom - From The Very Depths Venom - From The Very Depths
New CD: $10.98   $9.98
Brand new album and 14th overall release from the originators of Black Metal!!! “This album is perfect, all three members are totally over-the-top confident with the new songs and the production,” says Venom frontman Cronos. “We had a great atmosphere in the studio while we were recording. Dante created pure thunder from his drums, while Rage tears the flesh off your face with his riffs, making everything fall into place so well. It’s a strong release and really shows the band maturing into an unstoppable force of pure Black Metal. We can’t wait to play the new songs live for the Legions… Hell Yeah!”
Ne-Yo - Non-Fiction Ne-Yo - Non-Fiction
New CD: $13.95   $11.95
Superstar hitmaker NE-YO returns with his first album in two years, Non-Fiction. Non-Fiction finds NE-YO collaborating with some of the most talented names in music today. Juicy J is featured on the new single, ''She Knows,'' which was produced by powerhouse pop guru Dr. Luke. Other featured artists include Candice, David Guetta, Jeezy, Charisse Mills, Schoolboy Q and T.I. ''Time of Our Lives,'' NE-YO's new collaboration with Pitbull, appears on both Non-Fiction and Pitbull's new album.
Mogwai - Music Industry 3: Fitness Industry 1 EP Mogwai - Music Industry 3: Fitness Industry 1 EP
New CD: $7.98
New 6-tracker from late 2014! Remixes of three songs off their rad "Rave Tapes" album, plus three exclusive cuts.
Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha
New CD: $10.98   $9.98
Juggernaut, the new album from Periphery. It's so big, they had to make it two albums. Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega
Periphery - Juggernaut: Omega Periphery - Juggernaut: Omega
New CD: $10.98   $9.98
Juggernaut is the new album from Periphery. It was so big they they had to make it two albums. Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega.
Pond - Man It Feels Like Space Again [Vinyl] Pond - Man It Feels Like Space Again [Vinyl]
New Vinyl: $21.98
Pond, the Australian psych band featuring members of Tame Impala, have announced a followup to their 2013 album Hobo Rocket. It's called Man It Feels Like Space Again and it's out January 27 in the U.S.
Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise
New CD: $17.98   $14.98
SWEET & LYNCH is a band centered around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of hard rockers STRYPER and iconic guitarist George Lynch (LYNCH MOB, ex DOKKEN) along with bassist James Lomenzo (ex MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (ex WHITESNAKE).
Howlin Rain - Mansion Songs Howlin Rain - Mansion Songs
New CD: $12.98   $11.98
Mansion Songs marks the much anticipated return of freewheeling boogie-psych titans Howlin Rain. Ethan Miller as front man/shaman, delivering eight new moon-soaked high desert anthems.
Twerps - Range Anxiety Twerps - Range Anxiety
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
Formed in Melbourne in late 2008, Twerps enjoyed immediate success, releasing a series of vinyl singles and cassettes on various labels around the world. The release of their 2011 self-titled debut album led to appearances at SXSW and CMJ and tours with Real Estate, Mac DeMarco, and others. Not wanting to wait until 2015 to unleash new songs on present and future fans, Twerps quickly recorded the delightful Underlay EP, which Pitchfork described as “songs fraught with universal, emotionally familiar sentiments.”
Nada Surf - Live In Brussels Nada Surf - Live In Brussels
New CD: $11.98   $10.98
The adult alternative act's first live album! 16 tracks recorded in Brussels at 'L'Ancienne Belgique' in 2003. Highlights include 'Popular', 'Proximity Effect' and 'Let Go'. Many of the songs sound even better in this live recording than in the studio version and it's hard to believe this is only a 3-piece band. Matthew Caws' vocals are especially noteworthy.
Guided By Voices - Bee Thousand [Vinyl] Guided By Voices - Bee Thousand [Vinyl]
New Vinyl: $20.98
Limited virgin vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Little introduction should be required here. Let it suffice to say that BEE THOUSAND is arguably the best, or at least among the top Guided By Voices albums in a copious discography. Accordingly, the album has stacked up accolades over the years, including being voted #1 on Amazon.com's 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time. It's a staple of such lists, and has also placed highly on those curated by Spin, Pitchfork, Mojo and Rolling Stone. This vinyl LP pressing, the first since the late '90s, honors the album's 20th anniversary. It features new (and definitely improved) mastering from John Golden, a substantial gatefold jacket with a previously unpublished Robert Pollard collage, and high-quality virgin vinyl from RTI.
Guided By Voices - King Shit & The Golden Boys [Vinyl] Guided By Voices - King Shit & The Golden Boys [Vinyl]
New Vinyl: $18.98   $15.98
Limited vinyl LP pressing of this compilation of Guided By Voices outtakes. Packaged in a high-quality, heavy-duty tip-on jacket. Originally included with the multi-disc set BOX, this issue marks the album's first release as a standalone piece. The first side features highlights from two otherwise unreleased albums from the band's early days (LEARNING TO HUNT and BACK TO SATURN X), while the second side mops up the best cuts left off of BEE THOUSAND. All tracks are exclusive to this release.
Jamie T - Carry On The Grudge Jamie T - Carry On The Grudge
New CD: $11.98   $10.98
Jamie T returns after a five-year absence with his most reflective album yet.
Jamie Cullum - Interlude Jamie Cullum - Interlude
New CD: $13.95   $11.95
INTERLUDE marks a rare focus upon largely straight-ahead jazz and a return to interpretation from an artist who has made a habit of bending genres, writing original material and bringing new sounds and new listeners to the music. Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Benedic Lamdin for Nostalgia 77 and featuring guest spots from Laura Mvula and Gregory Porter, the album repertoire choices were inspired by the music and musicians he s featured on his award-winning UK jazz radio show over the last few years and his own crate digging tendencies, the album s fifteen tracks (including 3 bonus tracks for US release) avoid cliché with a fistful of less obvious jewels from the American songbook along with a couple modern surprises.
Doomtree - All Hands Doomtree - All Hands
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
The newest release from Doomtree, the Minneapolis independent hip-hop collective, is called All Hands. The title nods to the nautical rally cry, 'All hands on deck', and the album stands as the most collaborative and cohesive project the crew has yet produced. The production from Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger, and P.O.S twists through 13 booming tracks, building the raw and epic soundscapes that the group has become well known for, while adding more of-the-moment musical elements and techniques for a genre-spanning effect. Sims, P.O.S, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, and Cecil Otter drive home razor-sharp cadences, hard-hitting punchlines, and monstrous choruses
Eisbrecher - Schock Eisbrecher - Schock
New CD: $17.98   $14.98
In 2002, singer Alexander Wesselsky and Noel Pix (composition/keyboard, guitar, producer) founded the industrial dark-electro rock band Eisbrecher ( Icebreaker ). The self-titled debut album and follow-ups Antikörper, Sünde, and Die Hölle muss warte forged them a rabid fan base worldwide, along with media and chart attention. With the new album, entitled Schock, Alexx and Noel have delivered another masterpiece. Emotional, honest, and forthright, Eisbrecher forges delicately brutal music without compromises where heavy industrial guitar sounds, driving electro, and Alexx s distinctive vocals are clothed in beats both modern and danceable.
George Ezra - Wanted On Voyage George Ezra - Wanted On Voyage
New CD: $11.96   $10.96
Wanted on Voyage is the debut studio album by British singer-songwriter George Ezra. Produced by Cam Blackwood at Voltaire Road Studios, Clapham, London and mixed by Cenzo Townsend at Decoy Studios, Suffolk. The album includes the singles "Did You Hear the Rain?", "Budapest", "Cassy O'", "Blame It on Me" and "Listen to the Man".
Bowling For Soup - Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1 The First 10 Years (1994-2003) Bowling For Soup - Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1 The First 10 Years (1994-2003)
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
In today's disposable music industry, a twenty year career is something almost unheard of. It takes a band with a big heart, a loyalty to one of the most varied group of fans ever and just a sheer love of making people smile to do it properly. It takes a band from Texas…that band is Bowling For Soup.
Twiztid - The Darkness Twiztid - The Darkness
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
During the recording sessions for The Darkness, Twiztid would keep the studio pitch black except for 6 lit candles scattered around the studio floor. They recorded until the early morning for weeks on end. Madrox and Monoxide took it back to their roots, they had the mind set of their first studio album Mostasteless and reinvented the creepy story telling music of their past. Behind every light, there's a darkness, come take a journey into Hell with The Demented Duo.
Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat
New CD: $15.98   $13.98
Napalm Death never disappoint. Since 1987's Scum, the UK grindcore legends have consistently delivered a long list of influential and highly revered releases. Their latest offering, Apex Predator - Easy Meat, is no exception. Napalm Death haven't slowed down with age; if anything, they've gotten even more aggressive and dynamic over the years. Their 15th studio album, and followup to 2012's impeccable Utilitarian, displays the band's iconic, visceral approach. "Smash a Single Digit" and "Metaphorically Screw You" are relentlessly intense, with whiplash-fast riffs and gritty vocals. It's exactly what you'd expect — the fierce and chaotic "Cesspits," particularly.
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Medicine Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Medicine
New CD: $11.98   $10.98
For Nashville based, Memphis born Drew Holcomb, "music is medicine" and it seems only fitting that along with his band The Neighbors - wife Ellie (vocals, guitar), Nathan Dugger (guitar, keys) and Rick Brinsfield (bass) - the group celebrates a decade long career with the release of their 2014 full-length studio album MEDICINE via his own imprint Magnolia Music. Recorded over eight days at Joe Pisapia's Middletree Studios in East Nashville, the twelve song album was co-produced by Pisapia (Ben Folds, KD Lang, Guster, Josh Rouse) and the band and tackles issues of everyday life including loyalty, hardship, marriage, friendship, alienation and faith.
Pat Travers - Live At The Iridium NYC Pat Travers - Live At The Iridium NYC
New CD: $17.98   $14.98
The Dodos - Individ The Dodos - Individ
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
For the Dodos "the best time to make a record is right after you've finished one" says vocalist and guitarist Meric Long. Having just wrapped up the sessions for their previous record Carrier, and fired up on the level of comfort achieved with brothers Jay and Ian Pellicci at Tiny Telephone studio, the duo immediately began laying to tape the batch of songs that would result in their latest and sixth record, entitled Individ.
Body The & Thou - You Whom I Have Always Hated / Released From Love Body The & Thou - You Whom I Have Always Hated / Released From Love
New CD: $17.98   $14.98
Amason - Sky City Amason - Sky City
New CD: $10.99   $9.99
Tagged in the music press as a 'Swedish supergroup,' Amason are the collective talents of Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow), Gustav Ejstes (Dungen), Petter Winnberg (Little Marjorette), Amanda Bergman (Hajen, Idiot Wind), and Nils Tornqvist (Little Marjorette). Debut album SKY CITY features single 'Duvan' (The Dove).
Milo Greene - Control Milo Greene - Control
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
CONTROL was recorded earlier this year with producer Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Foster The People, Ellie Goulding) at his Highland Park, California home studio. The band also enlisted the help of legendary drummer Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms For Peace, R.E.M.), who shaped much of the album’s complex rhythmic backdrop while also contributing drums to a number of tracks.
I Am They - I Am They I Am They - I Am They
New CD: $9.96
Hailing from Carson City, Nevada, I AM THEY has roots as a worship team based out of a community of various area churches. The band’s 6-piece sound is propelled by versatile musicianship and anchored by three-part vocal harmonies.
Ron Nagle - Bad Rice Ron Nagle - Bad Rice
New CD: $21.98   $19.78
For the first time ever on CD, Omnivore Recordings is proud to present Bad Rice in expanded form for this special reissue. It includes alternative mixes and outtakes from the album, along with an entire second disc of period demos drawn from the archives of Ron Nagle, as well as detailed liner notes by longtime Nagle observer Gene Sculatti and many previously unseen photos.
Various Artists - Songs Of Anarchy: Music From Sons Of Anarchy Seasons 1-4 [Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl] Various Artists - Songs Of Anarchy: Music From Sons Of Anarchy Seasons 1-4 [Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl]
New Vinyl: $39.98
This amazing double album is the first in a deluxe series of a limited edition 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl releases from the Sons Of Anarchy television soundtrack series with Friday Music. For a very limited time, Songs of Anarchy: Music from Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1-4 will be presented on a 2 LP clear audiophile vinyl with a stunning gatefold cover featuring the SOA logo and original artwork as you will remember from this incredible series created by Kurt Sutter.
Various Artists - Rough Guide to Latin Rare Groove (Volume 2) Various Artists - Rough Guide to Latin Rare Groove (Volume 2)
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
This Rough Guide offers another treasure chest of golden nuggets from the Latin Rare Groove mother lode. Glittering delights range from Ray Pérez’s Venezuelan combo Los Kenya to the retro-funk sounds of The New Mastersounds and a previously unreleased gem by NYC salsa orchestra Conjunto Alayon featuring a young Jimmy Bosch.
Various Artists - Rough Guide To Psychedelic India Various Artists - Rough Guide To Psychedelic India
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
Indian music was hugely influential on Western psychedelia and the feeling was mutual. On this mind-expanding Rough Guide, hallucinatory sounds drift in and out of drones and ragas, ranging from the lysergic sitar of Ananda Shankar and trippy Bollywood vibes of the 1970s to more recent concoctions by Sunday Driver and The Bombay Royale.
Jimmy Barnes - Hindsight Jimmy Barnes - Hindsight
New CD: $15.98   $13.98
Storm the Sky - Permanence Storm the Sky - Permanence
New CD: $12.98   $11.98
The debut album from Storm The Sky
Chandos - Rats In Your Bed [Vinyl] Chandos - Rats In Your Bed [Vinyl]
New Vinyl: $14.98   $12.98
Rats In Your Bed's short but sweet song structures mix Chandos’ pop sensibility with dread and urgency, creating a tense energy that gives the group a sound they feel they can call their own. The Boston-based group honed its craft in the local house show scene bands like Speedy Ortiz, Grass is Green, and Guerilla Toss also call home.
You Blew It! - Pioneer Of Nothing [Vinyl Single] You Blew It! - Pioneer Of Nothing [Vinyl Single]
New Vinyl: $6.98
You Blew It! are following up their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Keep Doing What You’re Doing, with a 7” on Jade Tree. Pioneer Of Nothing comes after a cycle of touring with bands like The Front Bottoms, Say Anything, and Citizen and will see the band taking on their own headlining tour in support of the 7” with Tiny Moving Parts and Rozwell Kid. Pioneer Of Nothing is stylistically a perfect match for longtime fans of the band and new ones coming in from Jade Tree’s long and established fan base.
Falloch - This Island Our Funeral Falloch - This Island Our Funeral
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
Voices - London Voices - London
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
Archive - Restriction Archive - Restriction
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
Kenny G - Brazilian Nights Kenny G - Brazilian Nights
New CD: $15.98   $13.98
The biggest selling instrumental musician of the modern era and one of the best-selling artists of all-time returns with Brazilian Nights, his all-new salute to Bossa Nova.
Beat Spacek - Modern Streets Beat Spacek - Modern Streets
New CD: $15.98   $13.98
If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth Below The Sky If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth Below The Sky
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
Visigoth - The Revenant King Visigoth - The Revenant King
New CD: $13.98   $11.98
Katherine Jenkins - Home Sweet Home Katherine Jenkins - Home Sweet Home
New CD: $13.95   $11.95
Kid Rock - First Kiss - Single Kid Rock - First Kiss - Single
New CD: $1.99
Kid Rock’s “First Kiss” CD single includes three tracks from his upcoming 10th album, . First Kiss.
Falling In Reverse - Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) - Single Falling In Reverse - Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) - Single
New Digital: $1.29
Johnny Winter - Gangster of Love: The Early Years Johnny Winter - Gangster of Love: The Early Years
New CD: $18.98   $15.98
The late, great, Johnny Winter passed away July 16, 2014 at age 70. 36 tracks of newly re-mastered, original early recordings of legend Winter. Includes rarities and b-sides with original issued singles recorded 1960-1967. The holy grail for Johnny Winter fans. Extensive liner notes by blues music authority, Bill Dahl. Early career retrospective of classic and rare tracks recorded in the 1960s. These recordings were made while both Johnny and brother Edgar Winter were managed by the late Roy C. Aymes. These are incredible blues and early rock and roll recordings which immortalize Johnny & Edgar's importance and place in music history. Includes original singles, plus b-sides and other rarities.
Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass
New CD: $9.96
Natalie Prass is a songwriter's songwriter and performer's performer blessed with a golden voice and universal appeal a singer who understands the vision and brings an undeniable talent to the process. Born in Cleveland, in the 1980s, Prass entered the teenage slipstream back on the east coast in Virginia Beach. She took intensive music and visual art courses all through high school, and then headed to Boston and the Berklee College of Music.
Emile Haynie - Wait For Life - Single Emile Haynie - Wait For Life - Single
New Digital: $1.29
Blackberry Smoke - Too High - Single Blackberry Smoke - Too High - Single
New Digital: $1.29
Kate Pierson - Bottoms Up - Single Kate Pierson - Bottoms Up - Single
The Bros. Landreth - Let It Lie The Bros. Landreth - Let It Lie
New CD: $12.98   $11.98
Twenty seven years. Four bandmates. Two brothers. One album. Let It Lie, the debut release from Canadian roots rockers the Bros. Landreth, is proof that there s strength in numbers. Anchored by the bluesy wail of electric guitars, the swell of B3 organ, and the harmonized swoon of two voices that were born to mesh. At first listen, you might call it Americana. Dig deeper, though, and you ll hear the nuances that separate The Bros. Landreth whose members didn t grow up in the American south, but rather the isolated prairie city of Winnipeg, Manitoba from their folksy friends in the Lower 48.
Dengue Fever - The Deepest Lake Dengue Fever - The Deepest Lake
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
DENGUE FEVER is in the vanguard of an emerging global pop sensibility, making music that's both familiar, yet eerily unique. With five full-length releases - DENGUE FEVER, ESCAPE FROM DRAGON HOUSE, VENUS ON EARTH, CANNIBAL COURTSHIP and IN THE LEY LINES, the Los Angeles sextet blends the rhythms of '60's Cambodian Pop - heavily influenced by American surf, rock and early psychedelic garage bands - with their own eclectic mix of American and international styles.
Battle Beast - Unholy Savior Battle Beast - Unholy Savior
New CD: $12.98   $11.98
Diablo Blvd - Follow The Deadlights Diablo Blvd - Follow The Deadlights
New CD: $12.98   $11.98
David Garrett - Garrett Vs. Paganini David Garrett - Garrett Vs. Paganini
New CD: $16.98   $13.98
A new album inspired by the "The Devil's Violinist, in which he stars, best selling instrumentalist, David Garrett collaborates with Andrea Bocelli and Nicole Scherzinger on "Garrett vs. Paganini".
2Cellos - Celloverse 2Cellos - Celloverse
New CD: $11.96   $10.96
2CELLOS, the exciting classical/rock duo from Croatia, are back with their third album, "Celloverse." Self-produced by the two cellists, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, along with engineer Filip Vidovic, "Celloverse" is a return to the sound and concept of the their self-titled debut album. "Celloverse" includes their current YouTube video hits AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck,' Mumford & Sons' 'I Will Wait,' and fresh interpretations of Avicii's hit 'Wake Me Up' and Iron Maiden's 'The Trooper,' all available for the first time on CD. Other noteworthy tracks include the Paul McCartney classic, 'Live and Let Die,' featuring classical piano superstar Lang Lang, and another Michael Jackson classic, 'They Don't Care About Us.' It was the 2CELLOS' version of Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' that propelled them to stardom in 2011 when it went viral, garnering over 20 million YouTube views. "Celloverse" picks up where their debut album left off, with the guys focusing on their unique ability to re-invent current and classic rock and pop songs in a high-energy classical music format. "Celloverse" is also available as a CD plus DVD deluxe version that includes seven videos.
Rush - Fly By Night [Vinyl] Rush - Fly By Night [Vinyl]
New Vinyl: $29.98
Remastered on 200-gram, heavyweight vinyl at legendary Abbey Road Studios using the Direct to Metal Mastering (DMM) audiophile copper plating process, all from original analogue masters. Fly By Night was originally released in 1975 and was the first album to feature drummer Neil Peart, who also became the band's lyricist. The singles included the title track and 'Making Memories.' Fly By Night reached #113 on the Billboard chart, going platinum in both the U.S. and Canada.
Shadows Of Knight - Live 1966 Shadows Of Knight - Live 1966
New CD: $16.98   $13.98
(2015/Sundazed) 16 tracks.(2015/Sundazed) 16 tracks, Besides releasing two classic longplayers and many more singles (including the smash, 'Gloria'), touring/behaving badly all across America and appearing on TV shows like 'Upbeat' and 'Where The Action Is', the Shadows of Knight also ruled at suburban Chicago's hands-down hippest teen club, The Cellar. Over the decades, their Cellar performances have become the stuff of legend.
The Standells - Live 1966 The Standells - Live 1966
New CD: $14.98   $12.98
2015/Sundazed) 10 tracks, (2015/Sundazed) 10 tracks, The Standells' amazing string of punkish, tough-guy anthems, like 'Dirty Water' and 'Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White', define the legacy of mid-sixties garage rock like nothing else. With the success of these records came '66 tours with the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys. From all reports, the Standells proved a superb live act. But for decades, their on-stage reputation rested on an earlier, Pre-Tower label live album documenting the Standells in an unrecognizably clean-cut night club incarnation.
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Movie Releases 01-27-15

Fury [Movie] - Fury Fury [Movie] - Fury
New Blu-Ray: $34.99
Brad Pitt leads a tank crew in the final days of World War II in this war drama from End of Watch's David Ayer. The year is 1945. Army sergeant Wardaddy Brad Pitt is the grizzled commander of a Sherman tank. Determined to strike a decisive victory for the Allies in the European Theater, Wardaddy leads his five-man crew on a treacherous mission behind enemy lines. His mission complicated by the sudden appearance of a rookie soldier in his platoon, the sergeant knows that victory is within reach, and vows to achieve it by any means necessary.
Downton Abbey [TV Series] - Downton Abbey: Season 5 Downton Abbey [TV Series] - Downton Abbey: Season 5
New Blu-Ray: $54.99
Season 5 of the international hit finds the Crawley family and the staff struggling with responsibilities and choices as they adjust to life in the Roaring Twenties. The beloved ensemble cast includes Dame Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Jim Carter, Joanne Froggatt, and a host of others. Over 40 Minutes of bonus video.
The Book Of Life [Movie] - The Book Of Life The Book Of Life [Movie] - The Book Of Life
New Blu-Ray: $39.99
Producer Guillermo del Toro teams with director Jorge R. Gutierrez for this visually dazzling animated adventure following a young man named Manolo on his journey though three enchanting realms, where he faces his greatest fears while learning to follow his heart and embrace his future. The Book of Life features the voices of Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Christina Applegate, and Ice Cube.
The Judge [Movie] - The Judge The Judge [Movie] - The Judge
New Blu-Ray: $35.99
Robert Downey Jr. plays an urban lawyer who heads back to his rural home when his father, a judge, is implicated as a murder suspect in this comedy-drama from Warner Bros. Vera Farmiga, Robert Duvall, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Billy Bob Thornton head up the rest of the starring cast.
Justice League - Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Justice League - Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
New Blu-Ray: $24.98
In this animated film featuring superheroes from the DC universe, Metropolis is invaded by Atlantis, causing Aquaman to decide between his divided loyalties. Meanwhile, it seems not everyone in Atlantis approves of their people's plans.
My Old Lady [Movie] - My Old Lady My Old Lady [Movie] - My Old Lady
New Blu-Ray: $26.98
Academy Award winners Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith and Academy Award nominee Kristin Scott Thomas star in this witty and heartfelt drama about surprising inheritances and unexpected connections. When Mathias Gold (Kline) arrives at the sumptuous Parisian apartment he inherited from his father, he's surprised that the property comes with two stubborn live-in tenants who are not required to leave according to an ancient French real estate law. Unable to sell the place, Mathias moves in with the feisty Englishwoman, Mathilde (Maggie Smith), and her daughter, Chloé (Kristin Scott Thomas). But as Mathias and Chloé draw increasingly closer, Mathilde unveils a complex labyrinth of secrets that unites the trio in unexpected ways.
Before I Go To Sleep [Movie] - Before I Go To Sleep Before I Go To Sleep [Movie] - Before I Go To Sleep
New Blu-Ray: $29.99
A woman (Nicole Kidman) whose memory was taken from her in a terrible accident discovers that she may not be able to trust even her husband (Colin Firth) and her doctor (Mark Strong) following a revelation that alters her entire perception of reality in this thriller based on S.J. Watson's best-selling novel of the same name.
Henry V [Movie] - Henry V Henry V [Movie] - Henry V
New Blu-Ray: $24.97
From Kenneth Branagh (in his masterful directorial debut) comes the Academy Award winning adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry V. Once an undisciplined prince, Henry has matured into the powerful King of England and has set off on a campaign to conquer France. But with the fate of the war uncertain, Henry must come to terms with what it means to be king and rally his men victory…or to death.
The Remaining [Movie] - The Remaining The Remaining [Movie] - The Remaining
New Blu-Ray: $30.99
The Remaining is an action-packed supernatural thriller that addresses questions of life, love and belief against an apocalyptic backdrop. A group of close friends gather for a wedding, but the celebration is shattered by a series of cataclysmic events and enemies foretold by biblical end-times prophecies. The survivors face a horrifying, uncertain future as they scramble for safety. But as their world collapses around them in chaos and terror will they choose real life through faith, or just try to survive?
Jean de Florette & Manon of the Spring - Jean De Florette / Manon Of The Spring Jean de Florette & Manon of the Spring - Jean De Florette / Manon Of The Spring
New Blu-Ray: $24.97
Yves Montand (The Wages Of Fear) and Gerard Depardieu (Cyrano de Bergerac) star in Jean de Florette, a timeless tale of greed, survival and fate. Set amidst the rugged hills of Provence, this epic saga follows the heroic efforts of Jean Cadoret (Depardieu), who inherits a farm from his mother, Florette, and leaves his city job behind, hoping to create a "new Eden", with his wife and daughter. But, unbeknownst to Jean, his greedy neighbor, Cesar Soubeyran (Montand), is plotting to steal the land out from under him with a wicked scheme that drives Jean to the brink of madness!